"Richard III again demonstrates the company’s ability to realize an ambitious vision. …while making the Bard relevant, fun and engaging, they’ve solidified their place among the best outdoor Shakespeare experiences in the city."

Jordan BimmNNNN, Now Magazine, August, 2012

“When you’re sitting on the sloping hillside that frames their playing area and McCooeye’s Richard has just strode past you, only to be stopped by D’Aquila cursing him from the stage, you turn and take in his gigantic frame at the top of the ridge, dimly lit by the last glow of the setting sun and you think, ‘It doesn’t get much better than this.’ If you think you don’t like outdoor Shakespeare, think again.”

Richard Ouzunian3.5 out of 4, The Toronto Star, August, 2013

Richard III (2013)

Adapted by Andrew Joseph Richardson and Diane D’Aquila
Directed by Diane D’Aquila

When anger meets ambition, blood will pour. In a world where CEOs hold the power and nepotism is the rule of thumb, Richard III schemes and manipulates his way to the top. As he moves through the ranks, his own power becomes his downfall.


Marc Bondy

Marc Bondy
Brakenbury, Buckingham, Oxford

Simon Bracken

Simon Bracken
Hastings, Murderer, Ratcliffe

Diane D'Aquila

Diane D’Aquila

Jacklyn Francis

Jacklyn Francis
Elizabeth, Prince, Messenger

Charlie Gould

Charlie Gould
Anne, Page, York

Jesse Griffiths

Jesse Griffiths
George, Dorset, Catesby

Alex McCooeye

Alex McCooeye

Brendan McMurtry Howlett

Brendan McMurtry-Howlett
Murderer, Ely, Richmond

Andrew Joseph Richardson

Andrew Joseph Richardson

David Gingerich

David Ross
Rivers, Edward, Mayor, Stanley

Creative & Production Team

Diane D’Aquila
Director, Dramaturg

Andrew Joseph Richardson
Assistant Director, Dramaturg

Bryan Steele
Lighting Designer, Production Manager

Evita Karasek
Costume and Set Designer

Natasha Bean Smith
Stage Manager

Emma McKenzie Hillier

Lois Adamson
Youth Development Coordinator

Dan Daley
Graphic Designer, Marketing Consultant

Sarah Stevens

Diana Reis
York University Graduate Intern

Jackie McClelland
Props Master

Photo Credit: Nick Kozak