“Shakespeare in the Ruff and its artistic director, Brendan McMurtry-Howlett, have again upped the degree of difficulty, turning the complex and often overlooked romance Cymbeline into a fun, action-filled romp.”

Jordan BimmNNNN, NOW Magazine, August, 2014

“Cymbeline’s Reign is an example of how to do Shakespeare without ever losing an important, contemporary edge”

Madeleine CoppMooney on Theatre, August, 2014

Cymbeline’s Reign (2014)

Adapted by Andrew Joseph Richardson, inspired by Henry Brooke’s Cymbeline, A Tragedy (1779)
Directed by Brendan McMurtry-Howlett

Cymbeline’s Reign is the adventure tale of a country on the brink of war when it’s princess, Imogen, marries her lover in secret, against the wishes of her father—King Cymbeline. Her husband is banished and Imogen flees the kingdom to join him, but is thwarted by a host of sinister characters that will do whatever it takes to keep them apart. As war finally erupts, these two lovers are caught between and only the Gods will decide if they will ever see each other again.

Our fast paced and highly physical production featured live music, feathers falling from the skies, epic sword fights, and Jupiter God of Thunder riding a giant eagle with a 60 ft wing-span.


Hume Baugh

Victor Dolhai

David Patrick Flemming

Jesse Griffiths

Melee Hutton
The Queen

Andrew Joseph Richardson

Kaitlyn Riordan

Creative & Production Team

Brendan McMurtry-Howlett

Andrew Joseph Richardson & Brendan McMurtry-Howlett

Brooklyn Doran
General Manager

Nicole Myers

Amanda Wong
Set/Costume Design

Nic Vincent
Lighting Design

Kate Duncan
Stage Manager

William H. Zachary Bruman
Technical Director

Lois Adamson
Youth Development Coordinator

Tara Koehler
Assistant Director & Young Ruffian Director

Jonathan Purvis
Fight Director

Laura Harding
Intern Producer

Brenda Duran
Head of Wardrobe

Sadie Johnston
Props Crew

Luke Peroni
Props Crew

Laura Andrew
Head of Scenic Art

Sarah Stevens

Natalie Janin Wilson
Graphic Designer

Photo credit: Mikael Lavogiez