"When it comes to Toronto’s outdoor summer Shakespeare game, the Ruffians are hard to beat, and Midsummer only bolsters their status as an enduring summer tradition"

Jordan BrimmNNNN, Now Magazine, August, 2017

"This rustic and carefree interpretation of dream also featured some impressive performances from local emerging talent."

Keira GrantMooney on Theatre, August, 2017

"Unreal... and yet so very real. A timeless tale told by some of the most brilliant and talented people in Toronto. An absolute MUST see for any Shakespeare fan and an even bigger must for those who need convincing."

Stephanie H. Audience Member, September 2017

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2017)

Adapted by Andrew Joseph Richardson
Directed by Megan Watson

In Shakespeare’s most magical comedy, young lovers seek comfort in a forest – only to be greeted by magical spells, love-potions gone awry and jealous Fairy Royalty. All the while, a company of actors prepare a play for the Duke’s wedding night.

Read Demetrius’ (Danny Ghantous) Reflection on Masculinity and Shakespearean Misogyny

A feminist take on Shakespearean men by Danny Ghantous


Eva Barrie

Eva Barrie
Helena & Patty Quince

Joella Crichton

Joella Crichton
Lysandra & Snug

Nikki Duval

Nikki Duval

Danny Ghantous

Danny Ghantous
Demetrius & Francis Flute

Jonelle Gunderson

Jonelle Gunderson
Hermia & Tam Snout

Michelle Polak

Michelle Polak
Hippolyta & Titania

Andrew Joseph Richardson

Andrew Joseph Richardson
Theseus & Oberon

Tim Welham

Tim Welham
Egeus & Puck

Creative & Production Team

Megan Watson

Nick Blais
Lighting/Set/Prop Designer

Erin Gerofsky
Costume Designer

Thom Stoneman
Assistant Director
Young Ruffian Director

Andrew Joseph Richardson

Patricia Allison
Movement Coach & Choreographer

Maddie Bautista
Composer & Choir Director

Taliesin McEnaney

Kaitlyn Riordan
Associate Producer

Evelyn Campbell
Production Manager

Tamara Vuckovic
Stage Manager

Hannah MacMillan
Assistant Stage Manager

David Di Giovanni
Front of House Manager

Caitlin Sullivan
Youth Development Coordinator

Program & Image Design
Michael Barker, Acme Art & Design

Photo Credit: Dahlia Katz