For the past five seasons, Shakespeare in the Ruff has organized a small group of recent graduates of post-secondary acting schools called the Guerrilla Ruff Squad (formerly the Guerilla Ruffians). The Squad comes together for a two-day Shakespeare monologue workshop (taught in 2016, by Stratford/Shaw veteran Chick Reid), tightening up their back-pocket pieces. They then weave them together into short narratives.

The Squad entertains East End farmers’ market patrons with performances of these new Shakespearean pieces in a form of rehearsed improvisation. Their primary target is, of course, the Saturday morning Withrow Park Farmers Market, but they can also be seen this summer at Evergreen Brickworks, East Lynn Park Farmers’ Market and Cabbagetown Farmers’ Markets. The program culminates in an opening act performance before our summer flag-ship production in Withrow Park. The Squad is organized and recruited by Ruff Co-Founder Andrew Joseph Richardson and is led each year by a returning member, designated as the Captain.

Past Captains

Lesley Robertson
G. Kyle Shields
Brandon Knox
Andrea Massoud
Fran├žois Macdonald
Wilex Ly

Past Workshop Leaders

Elizabeth Saunders
Melee Hutton
Lee Wilson
Ian Watson
Chick Reid
Tim Welham

Past Guerrilla Ruffians

Jesse Beam
Marisa Boudreault
Dylan Brenton
Christina Fox
Danny Ghantous
Laura Harding
Wilex Ly
Vivian Or
Clare Blackwood
Aldrin Bundoc
David Chinchilla
Claren Grosz
Cynthia Hicks
Fran├žois Macdonald
Hugh Ritchie
Matt Shaw
Lauren Walsh-Greene
Eva Barrie
Andrei Borissenko
Paul Falkowski
Grace Gordon
Spencer Bennett
Justine Christensen
Bart Demczuk

Michelle Langille
Tal Shulman
Chiamaka Ugwu
Victoria Urquhart
Anton Wasowicz
Owen Fawcett
Grace Fitzpatrick
Charlie Gould
Tina Jung
Brandon Knox
Andrea Massoud
Cassondra Padfield
Mishka Thebaud
Michael Ayers
Hilary Carroll
Scott Garland
Sina Gilani
Emily Nixon
Tennille Read
Lesley Robertson
G. Kyle Shields
Chanakya Mukherjee
Parmida Vand
Joseph Zita