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Cymbeline’s Reign (2014)

 Cymbeline's Reign PosterAn adaptation of An adaptation of Cymbeline by William Shakespeare, 1613

Inspired by Cymbeline, A Tragedy by Henry Brooke, 1779

Adapted by Shakespeare in the Ruff, 2014


  • Cymbeline: Hume Baugh
  • Pisanio: Victor Dolhai
  • Iachimo: David Patrick Flemming
  • Posthumus: Jesse Griffiths
  • The Queen: Melee Hutton
  • Cloten: Andrew Joseph Richardson
  • Imogen: Kaitlyn Riordan

Creative & Production Team

  • Director: Brendan McMurtry-Howlett
  • Dramaturgs: Andrew Joseph Richardson & Brendan McMurtry-Howlett
  • General Manager: Brooklyn Doran
  • Producer: Nicole Myers
  • Set/Costume Design: Amanda Wong
  • Lighting Design: Nic Vincent
  • Stage Manager: Kate Duncan
  • Technical Director: William H. Zachary Bruman
  • Youth Development Coordinator: Lois Adamson
  • Assistant Director & Young Ruffian Director: Tara Koehler
  • Fight Director: Jonathan Purvis
  • Intern Producer: Laura Harding
  • Head of Wardrobe: Brenda Duran
  • Props Crew: Sadie Johnston
  • Props Crew: Luke Peroni
  • Head of Scenic Art: Laura Andrew
  • Publicist: Sarah Stevens
  • Graphic Designer: Natalie Janin Wilson