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August 2014

Cymbeline Series-BONUS Edition

We are so thankful to directors Anita Rochon, Dawn McCaugherty, and Antoni Cimolino, who have shared their take on Cymbeline with us over the past month in our Cymbeline Series. Now that Ruff’s production is up and running, Brendan McMurtry-Howlett, our Artistic Director and director of Cymbeline’s Reign, tackles the same three questions we put to these thoughtful and generous theatre practitioners. 1. For a title character, King Cymbeline has …Read More

Shakespeare, Galileo, & Cymbeline by Dan Falk

There’s no getting around it:  Cymbeline is an odd play.  The plot is labyrinthine, even by Shakespearean standards, with at least three intertwined stories; texture and mood seem to change with the wind.  It’s also a bit of a hodge-podge, containing , as Jonathan Bate of Oxford has noted, an “array of favourite Shakespearian motifs: the cross-dressed heroine, the move from court to country, obsessive sexual jealousy, malicious Machiavellian plotting, …Read More

10 Easy Steps to Ruff by Sheila Macdonald

Shakespeare in the Ruff’s production of Cymbeline’s Reign ran in Withrow Park during the summer of 2014 1. Gather friends/family/children/dogs Everyone is welcome. The more the merrier! Ruff performs an abbreviated version of Shakespeare’s best that is easy to follow and an excellent introduction for the uninitiated. 2. Head to Withrow Park by 6:30 The performance officially starts at 7:30, but if you want to get the best seating, you …Read More

Highlights from ‘Between the Trees’: Ruff’s Pre-show Music Series

Ptarmigan (playing August 30th)   Highlights from ‘Between the Trees’ running Aug 12th-31st by General Manager and Resident Musician, Brooklyn Doran Our production of Cymbeline’s Reign begins tomorrow night and our pre-show music series is going to be off the hook! The ‘Between the Trees’ pre-show music series sees local and emerging musicians share in our evening of magic by performing a half-hour of music before our mainstage production. This year we are …Read More

Cymbeline Series-Part III

Cymbeline doesn’t land on most people’s lists of Top 10 Shakespeare plays, maybe not even Top 20. For this reason, we spoke to three people who have directed this play to get their take on a few questions that we’ve tackled since deciding to produce it.  The final instalment of the series comes via Antoni Cimolino, who directed a widely acclaimed production at The Stratford Festival in 2012. 1. For a …Read More