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May 2014

Green Eggs & Hamlet: A Conversation With David Ley

University of Alberta professor, David Ley’s, shares his exciting way into teaching and speaking Shakespeare. David uses the words of Dr. Seuss to help actors find and use the rhetorical structures Shakespeare provides. It may seem like a strange pairing, but here David explains to us the impact it has on the way actors understand and take hold of language. How did you come up with this technique? What made you connect …Read More

Context is King; a first foray into Shakespeare by Larry Smith

As we gear up for the Young Ruffian Apprenticeship Program this summer (applications due June 1st) we continue our Education Month with Ruff’s Chairman of the Board, Larry Smith, sharing the first assignment he would present to Grade 9 students green to Shakespeare and afraid of the language. One of the reasons I always enjoyed teaching Grade 9 classes was that, for most students, Grade 9 English is often where …Read More

“Meant To Be Said; Not Read” by Shawn Rocheleau

Shawn Rocheleau is a remarkable teacher who teachers high school Drama in the Toronto region. We were fortunate enough to meet Shawn a couple of years ago and our paths have continued to cross. We hope you’ll learn as much from Shawn as we have as you explore his philosophy of teaching Shakespeare and sample lesson plan, a beautiful way to introduce students to the rhythm, shape and movement of …Read More

A Thing or Two About Shakespeare

As we gear up for our 2014 Young Ruffian Apprenticeship Program, we’ve dubbed May “Education Month” at Shakespeare in the Ruff. Each week in May, our Youth Development Coordinator, Lois Adamson, brings us a new education-focused blogpost for our audience of teachers, artist educators, students and actors alike. To kick things off, we bring you a special education edition of A Thing or Two About Shakespeare and share some things …Read More