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February 2013

Ruffing It: Coffee & a Scroll

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Five days to go until our second annual experiment in Elizabethan original practices. Which practice you may be wondering, and that is of rehearsing, or not rehearing to be more accurate. Very little formal rehearsal was ever recorded in Elizabethan times, the common thought was that it was more of a trial by fire setting where actors learned their ‘roles’ in isolation, with only their lines and their cues to work with, written down for them on a scroll (see our modern, computer aided version above).

For many reasons, only one full copy of the script existed, kept locked up in the theatre vault, and only accessed in a pinch.  “Most notable, every part of every play mounted in the period was written out on a separate scroll. Only one of these remains from the period for the professional theatre-but thousands of these must have existed at one time.” (Cognition in the Globe by Evelyn B. Tribble)   Sunday night, at the Monarch Tavern (12 Clinton St), we will be continuing our exploration of this method of preparation with Ruffing It, this year with battle scenes…should be a riot.

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